Welcome to ICBH-ZAMBIA

ICBH-ZAMBIA (INDIGENOUS CHICKEN BREEDERS & HATCHERIES) is Zambia’s 1st 'World Class Breeding & Hatchery Farm' of indigenous free-range chickens commonly known as 'Village Chickens'. ICBH-ZAMBIA is a member of ICBH Group of South Africa, a leading hatchery and breeding poultry farm of indigenous African chicken breeds.

ICBH-ZAMBIA is based in the town of Chisekesi in the Southern Province of Zambia. Chisekesi town is 220km from Lusaka and 260km from Livingstone City (the tourist town and home to the notorious 'Victoria Falls'). The poultry hatchery and breeding farm is located on a plot, just off on the Lusaka & Livingstone Road.

ICBH-ZAMBIA operates a world class hatchery and breeding farm with the sole exclusive rights to breed and hatch ICBH Group's African indigenous chicken breeds branded, the POCO, the ROCO, the HOCO and the BOSCHVELDER in Zambia. The chicken breeds from  ICBH-ZAMBIA are fast growing, multipurpose chickens that survive the harsh environment of Africa.

ICBH-ZAMBIA is a one-stop poultry farm for day-old chicks,  poultry vaccines, poultry drinkers & feeders, home of the nutritious live and dressed chickens for hotels, restaurant & home consumption as well as various advanced poultry farming free-range training courses.


"To be the number one home of village chickens in Zambia"


"To deliver quality, indigenous DAY-OLD Breeds - POCO, ROCO, HOCO, BOSCHVELDER

& Point-of-Lay Hens from a World Class High Standard  Breeding Farm & Hatchery"